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  • Farnham Music and Drama visits Royal College of Music Posted on 17 November 2015

    Farnham Music and Drama visits Royal College of Music.
    Young and mature musicians of FMD went to the Royal College of Music in London on Sunday 15th November to expand and improve on their playing skills as well as getting some experience in a professional environment.

    Both Jazz@FMD and the Adult Orchestras had a jam-packed day full of music making. The morning began with the two groups separating for two different types of workshops. One gave everyone the chance to play Gamelan music. During the workshop everyone had the opportunity to play the different instruments and learnt a traditional tune which people picked up fairly quickly. John who led the workshop, even demonstrated the traditional dance that would often go alongside the Gamelan music that the group was playing.

    The second workshop was a completely different and was all about how music helps tell a story. Mike led the composition workshop and showed great enthusiasm. Both the Jazz Band and Ensemble each had their own turn and creating their own story and then composing their own little snippets of music to go with it. This turned out to not only be a great laugh but also to explore the creative side of music and improvisation.

    In the afternoon sessions, each group went off separately to rehearse ready to perform later in the afternoon. During the latter part of the afternoon rehearsal, both the Orchestra and the Jazz Band came together to practise Dvorák’s 8th Symphony which was conducted by Pablo. The group was also joined by students of the College giving everyone the fantastic opportunity to play with some great young musicians and inspiring everyone to play their best!

    The day concluded with a successful concert including performances of 2 pieces by each group as well as the performance of their story pieces that they composed in the morning workshops. The concert was brilliant and everyone sounded amazing with the sound filling the room creating a beautiful acoustic. The orchestra performed some Gershwin music alongside the Dvorák and the Jazz Band finished the concert with a brilliant performance of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” which got the whole audience tapping their toes. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed a great day of music making.

    If you fancy having the opportunity to experience and amazing day like this, why not come along and join one of our many groups?

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