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  • FMD Christmas Concert 2015 review Posted on 18 January 2016

    Farnham Music and Drama perform outstanding concert at Farnham Maltings.

    Performers at Farnham Music and Drama (FMD) showcased their talent at the end of term Christmas Concert on Saturday 12th December in the Maltings. 

    The concert featured performances from their Centre Stage Minis right through to Jazz@FMD and Adult Ensembles. The Centre Stage Minis warmed the audience’s hearts with their adorable performance of “With A Little Help From My Friends” each with their cute little Christmas outfits on. The Centre Stage Grads also gave a flavour of their production of Bugsy Malone that they’ve been working including “Fat Sam’s Grand Slam” as well as “Bad Guys”. It’s set to be performed on 19th and 20th March next year at FMD and is guaranteed to be a brilliant performance judging from what was shown at the concert. 

    Not only was their performances of drama productions but also all different genres of music from all ages. A young string quartet played a medley of Christmas songs. You could see all the hard work and effort they had put into their performance. A sax quartet made upon some older students, played a Christmas medley too but took a jazz spin to it. The whole audience was clicking along with the group as they took a new twist on some traditional favourites. 

    Both adult choirs at FMD performed beautifully and blew the audience away with their performances of some well-known songs such as “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and “Let The River Run”. One audience member, Penny Woodgate said: “You could see how much everyone enjoyed it and how happy they all were. It was wonderful.”

    The second half of the concert provided a more instrumental tone and opened with the full orchestra playing the 1st Movement of Dvorak’s 8th Symphony from Jazz@FMD and the adult ensembles.They also played “Sleigh Ride” with the audience rattling their keys for the sleigh bells. The adult evening orchestra also played some music by Gershwin and the Rusty players joined in the festivities with a medley of Christmas Carols; the audience singing along as they played. 

    The final two items of the concert were Junior Jazz@FMD and finished with a grand finale by Jazz@FMD. The younger group even performed solos in front of the filled audience at the Maltings showing off their brilliant talent. Jazz@FMD were fantastic and played a variety of well-known songs including “Uptown Funk” and “What Makes You Beautiful”. Everyone in the audience couldn't resist tapping their toys and it left everyone in a great upbeat vibe as the concert came to an end. 

    An audience member, Jenny Cathcart-Jones said: “You guys are an inspiration. What a fabulous Christmas concert tonight. You should be so proud of what you do, showing so many people the joy of music.”

    Owner and founder of FMD, Edward Reeves, was particularly happy about how the concert went: “quote”

    Have you got a little one who would enjoy being part of such a wonderful and relaxed music or drama group? Perhaps you’re thinking of getting back into playing or singing again? FMD have a wide variety of different ensembles which can all be found on their website at www.farnhammusicanddrama.com and you can book your free trial session today. 

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